A 10 year old girl with horns.

When she has fun, nothing else matters.

Her home is a dungeon. Her parents are the masters of that dungeon.

She doesn't mind cleaning. She just doesn't do it because there are many more fun things to do than cleaning.

[Ms.Oni - Oni Sensei]

Elementary school teacher. Homeroom teacher of Iyo's elementary school class. She is an ogre.

She is the type of person who sleeps on her days off. But she hates to spend her days off in a lazy way. So after work on Friday night, she goes out and sleeps on the train. She likes to wake up and find herself in a strange place. Sometimes she see her ex-husband.


He is a dragon who resides in the dungeon of Iyokan's house.

The dungeon is inhabited by various creatures.

He helps out at the boarding house to keep the rent low.

He plans to return to the land of dragons after he learns over here.


professor in research city]

He is a Custodian at an elementary school.

He also supervises the staff and makes and experiments with strange tools for the management and construction of the city on the Orbital Ring.

He is a familiar face to the people of the elementary school as a kind of janitor.

He likes mischievous children.


He is not a robot, he is an android. He has the brain of a human boy in his head.

He is assisting the professor. The professor maintains his body.

He is rude and overbearing. He has an attitude that makes people look like fools. He is not a bad person, though he has bad intentions.