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An American, hink, was the main translator. The translation work was done in English, and we discussed it with each other. Hink not only translated the text, but also gave us advice on how to make the difficult gimmicks and explanations of the story simple and easy to understand. Hink also offered some great ideas that inspired me to revise the Japanese text as well.

hink makes the following 3D works and games in Blender and other media.


mail: lake.rose.t[at]gmail.com

I also had an American, octo, help me a lot with the translation. Octo is especially fluent in Japanese and is familiar with Japanese culture, so Octo was able to fill in some of the cultural gaps between Japan and the U.S. that were left out of the communication with Hink.

Octo paints using traditional methods. We look forward to seeing more of Octo’s Website and Youtube in the future.