world view


Orbital elevator relay city on orbital ring


Like Saturn's rings, there is a tube that circles above 150 km above the Earth. Inside, magnetic fluid is contained and rotates at high speed. Because of the tension generated, it floats in the sky, and a number of elevators are installed to reach the ground from there. Cities are built starting from them. One of them.

Space-time Case

A device that cuts out and stores a specific space at a specific time, just as a photograph or video records a scene. By playing back the stored data, it is possible to dive into that place at that time.

Compositional information, location information, and relative motion information are stored as data.

Electromagnetic No accommodation

Sometimes there are mischievous animals that slip out of their space-time containers. They look like ghosts. Reflects light but has no weight.

Schrodinger box

A box invented by a professor to create finger-riding cats. The data of 6.02 x 1023 electromagnetic uninhabited cats are collected from a space-time container. It is designed so that with a probability of one-half, a cat smaller than the current volume or a smaller box will emerge. The experiment is still in progress. The professor is considering several cases in which the events do not converge successfully.


A network calculator that can be used as a handkerchief. It can be folded, shredded, and spliced, and has the plasticity of clay. Genetically engineered bacteria are incorporated so that snot and sweat are broken down to energy for the device.